White, alpaca suri locks for doll hair


white alpaca suri locks combed locks – doll hair Doll Hair extra long 9 in organic for reroot, weft making, spinning…

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breed: alpaca suri locks
*Premium quality* made to order 4-8 weeks
processing method: hand washed,  conditioned, combed fiber,
item: 0205-002

dye: yes, hand painted with resistant special acid dye for mohair
length: average length has longer and shorter strands.
approx 28 cm 11 in staple long
color: white natural, cream color

Please be aware that all monitors show colors differently – these colors are shown right on mine but may not on yours.

weight (with rubber bands): 14 gr (1/2 oz) per set
Combed alpaca suri locks combed locks – doll hair can be used for any crafts, for any creativity
-for art doll hair reroot – Blythe Doll, Reborn Rooting, BJD, pullip, pukifee, waldorf dolls
-for spinning
-for felting

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Weight 16 g


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